Saturday, 24 April 2010

Did you see that dress?

Word spreads fast. Hearing of the ethical challenge, conscientious consumers are already helping me out with advice on where to go for my ethical clothes shopping.

Well, I happen to be after a gorgeous (obviously) yet practical dress to wear in the dinner party I’m hosting for my friend Vale's birthday next weekend. You see, this in itself is quite a challenge. Here are some of the criteria my new ethical dress must meet:

1. Above all, it needs to look fantastic;

2. Let’s just say I’m after something with a bit of give and of generous proportions, to keep with my rather liberal approach to dieting lately;

3. For builder-related reasons that are too boring for these pages, I am cooking at home, but serving in Vale’s dining room, a few doors away. So ideally, I need a dress that allows me to run like a maniac up and down the road carrying pans and pots, without too much popping out.

4. Least but of course not last, we’re after a good dress with a conscience.

So, if you know how to solve this little sartorial charade, please make yourself heard.

Or keep tuned for the progress of my search for the saintly dress.

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