Monday, 26 April 2010

I discussed my little dress pickle with some friends, and replies with links poured into my inbox quicker that you could google Look Like Scarlett Johansson Fair Trade.

Immediate findings: yes, there’s plenty out there. But can I get a quick-fix dress on my way home from work?
Everything seems to be strictly online.

So, lesson number one: fair trade fashion requires planning. Hm…

I really wanted a dress today, though. So, I do a quick mental mapping of all high street shops I could visit during my lunch hour. I remember M&S making a lot of noise about being a responsible retailer. Yes, I know, hardly your fashionista’s first port of call, but I’m improvising. This is what I find under women’s fashion + fair trade:

Right. It doesn’t scream Saturday night, does it?
Maybe Monsoon might be able to rescue me?

What about Hobbs?

So, to recap:
I am turning up to a birthday party dressed in a white cotton T, carrying a canvas shopping bag and… I got nothing. This will take A LOT of accessorising.

On the plus side, had I been more organised, I might be able to pull off some passable looks for very
little money. A few noble examples:
This one is from HUG for mere £38.00!

Still from HUG, I can have a sensible wrap number for £45.00.
(question: is it me or are wrap dresses intrinsically linked to women who engage in worthy causes?)

Admittedly, all quite nice, but your neighbour’s dinner party really is the limit.

I have 4 days left. I’m not going to risk ordering online.

Please don’t make me turn my back on clean living on my very first day!

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