Thursday, 20 May 2010

The hard search for shoes, some nice dresses and more spring in London

I am still perplexed at the lack of pretty ethical shoes on offer.
I must get to the bottom of this. What is the link between eco-designers and bad taste in shoes? Why do so many of their designs have to look utilitarian and chunky?
Conscious of the trouble ethical shoppers encounter on their footwear search, I decided to shout about every pretty pair of shoes I come across.
Here are a few of them:

Where has a nice range of hand made shoes, from various artisans around the world. The flower one is of sheep leather and made accordance with the Community Friendly Movement fair trade principles.

These very pretty red ballerina pumps are also from Where and a complete bargain at 32.50 pounds.

Now, let me explain this. Taste is personal and maybe you will like the next shoes on this page. Personally, I don’t. What I love is TOMS' pledge to donate a pair of shoes to a child from a developing country for every pair they sell.

This brings me to my reservations about certain aspects of fair trade. Do people like these shoes? Or are they buying them to contribute to a very noble cause?

Are these boots worth USD90.00?

I absolutely support any initiative to alleviate poverty, in any part of the world. I’m just not convinced that a business model based entirely on a fundraising campaign is sustainable for long. But of course I am saying this based on the assumption that other people share my taste in footwear.

Some of us even get married in TOMS' shoes, so what do I know?

So if you like the look, go for it and support a great cause!

What a great designer.
What great use of alternative fabrics and re-cycled material.
Read all about Lara Miller’s philosophy here.

About Spring: the rumours are true and I took some more photos last night on my way home. I can confirm that Spring has arrived in London. Sadly, the camera was dully forgotten at home, so bear with me and I'll post them tomorrow.

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