Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's ethical food and drink month!

It’s been a fascinating few weeks and I am very excited about what I’ve learned so far. I’m also very enthusiastic about how much there is still to be explored. So many business ideas popped into my head – such as fashion conscious ethical shoes! – when learning about ethical fashion, it makes me think the high street will never be a boring place again.

And what’s next for this blog? Whilst we will continue to dress sustainably, we decided to introduce another element to the challenge over the next month: and that is food and drink.
The change opens so many cans of worms it’s really hard to find which one to pick first.

To say that I love food is a gigantic understatement. I love trying new food, cooking, reading recipes, collecting food magazines, discovering new restaurants, baking old trusted cake recipes, tasting new wine. I can spend afternoons in a food bookshop, or plan entire holidays around one dish I may have read about – I have done so recently in Mont St Michel, resulting in all-round disappointment, but I’ll go into details some other time.

This passion for food undoubtedly means I am always curious to know where my meals come from. I am, however, not intimidated by almost anything when it comes to trying new food. One of my favourites is street food. I’ve long had the dream of writing a book on street food around the world. (Granted, it would make for a slightly impractical travel guide. The stall on 42nd avenue where I once had delicious humus will most probably not be there on my next visit.)

My omnivorous attitude to eating makes the challenge to stick to ethically sourced ingredients a bit complicated. To start with, I have zero intention of turning vegetarian. Who knows, I may find powerful enough arguments to change my mind along the way. But it will take a lot to separate me from a plate of calf livers. Being married to a lifelong devoted vegetarian has not yet moved me.
We will, however, find out what we can on what goes on behind the food we eat and work hard to understand if it is worth and possible to stick to local, seasonal, organic ingredients.

Because timing is on our side, it just happens that last night was the monthly gathering of the East Dulwich Supper Club.

My lovely friend Julia and I decided this would make a wonderful start of ethical food month and, organic bottle of Cabernet on hand, went to investigate.
We didn’t really know what to expect, but I’m sure we got more than we bargained for.

I now have a meeting to prepare and a lot of deep breathing exercises to practise before my first cup of fair trade coffee.

So visit us again tomorrow and I’ll have the full lowdown on our evening at the East Dulwich Supper Club.

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