Thursday, 6 May 2010

Oh, Paris

How tempting it is to write endless pages about spring in Paris , strolling from café to café under the warm May sun, soaking up the poetic atmosphere. Sadly, it is not a degree warmer than in London , it has been raining a lot and I can’t wear any of the pretty floral dresses I fantasized myself cycing in and out of charming little alleyways in, with La Vie En Rose playing in the background.

Also quite sadly, I forgot to bring the cable for my camera, so I'm afraid the photos will have to wait till my return to London.

But what I can say on the ethical front is this: a quick visit to giant supermarket Carrefour this morning left me impressed with the range of fair trade food they have available.

Most of them came under their own Carrefour label, and products included chocolate, coffee, rice and even some cosmetics - some of which I bought, of course. One of my favourites activities on holidays is forgetting to pack vital cosmetics, so I have the chance to buy new local ones.

We're now driving around in Normandy, visiting D-Day beaches and accompanying WW2 museums. Very exciting and moving stuff, but rather challenging, as it involves a lot of walking around in freezing, very strong winds, with completely inappropriate spring clothing.
And on more ethical news, a happy surprise: my mother, who came to meet me in France, brought me some beautiful golden grass earrings from Brazil, very much like these:

You will have to trust me that I look rather fetching in them, and I will post my real photos when I'm back in London. Which seems a million miles away right now, in my BBC-less hotel room. I just want to know who won the election and they won't tell me!
Au revoir et a bientot,
Le Schmethiquee'

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