Monday, 14 June 2010

Historic edition: world cup nerves, Robert Green shoots to fame and an update on our 100 mile diet

A delightful weekend of football, sweaty polyester-clad managers, foul language and food hunting for the ethical challenged duo.

We managed to follow Kathryn’s suggestion on how to irritate your fellow fotball fans, even adding a few helpful tips by:
8. singing vindaloo out of tune every time 10 to 12 minutes;
9. shouting furiously: “even I could have scored that one!”;
10. luring your companion into a false sense of security by remaining quiet and pensive for 10 minutes, then suddenly blaring out : “I’m sorry, but the offside rule is stupid.”;
11. (bonus points for this one; bank £10.00 and advance to “GO”) pre-fixing all your football observations with: “if I were the referee/manager/goalkeeper/FIFA president…”;
12. "what do you think Cheryl Cole is doing right now?"

I can confirm that, with good timing and used in moderation, these proved very effective in irritating Mr Schmethical just enough to be entertaining without ruining the tournament.

We also had an enthusiastic go at the 100 mile diet.
A nice stroll to the allotment bagged us plenty of nettles for the ultimate ethical dish: the free one!

As the afternoon wound down to a less then comforting breeze, we warmed ourselves up to the England match with very delicious cake of Sussex strawberries (score), washed down by… wait for it… a blend of English grapes in a glass! Double score, with grapes from Essex, Kent and Sussex, and perfectly crisp wine too.

Then Robert Green went and made us choke on our British-but-exact-origin-unknown lamb chops, from the nearby Turkish shop. The chops were marinated in mint and oregano from my very window box, so in average, reasonably within the 100 mile.

The nettle was chopped and added to fried rice cakes, a complete winner, all the 2 million of them.

For an extra away point, a final touch was the bouquet from the backyard.

As with a lot of ethical buying, we found that too much is still out of bounds if you’re away from home during the very short opening hours of small independent shops.
The local strawberries, eggs and wine all came from Waitrose - thank you, Kathryn.
Yes, I could have found them in my local farmer's market, but that would have taken a week's planning, as it is only open on Sunday mornings. I'd also have to freeze the lamb for a week.
For next weekend and matches, I will consult our lessons learnt wall and pre-order a few 100 mile ingredients. That, and the re-appearance of the waste conscious frozen rice cakes, should improve our score on the diet.

Talking of scores, note to Robert Green: eye on the ball and we'll be thinking happy thoughts for you from now to Friday.

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