Thursday, 3 June 2010

Novice ethicalist seeks man for fair trade coffee and vegan cake?

Dating is a funny one with this challenge. Unlike Renata, who is happily married, I am busy trying to lure some man on the Guardian dating website to take me out for a drink. Being the Guardian, I had foreseen no problems in meeting someone who would be cool with me asking the waiter the origin of the meat, or being invited back to mine for a fair trade coffee. I had thought this blog might actually be a selling point that I could use to impress any would be suitors. However, the other day I stumbled across a profile that said the following:
'…if you're a born-again vegan CND fairtrade horse-whisper, it probably isn't going to work.'
Eek! Clearly not someone I could entertain for hours with my tales of a search for a fair trade bikini. Whilst there are plenty of others on the Gaurdian who would put my efforts on the ethical living front to shame, it got me thinking. How will I do an ethical date?
First up, if I was to be really ethical, then should I start with an ethical dating site? Shockingly, there are hundreds of them. You, however, won’t be surprised to hear that most of them are based in America. Here are a few that stuck out:
Ethical Singles"this is a global online dating service for people interested in human rights animal rights and environmental issues." Really? I won’t talk about human rights till a third date.
Ethical Vegan Dating – "a website for all like minded people to finally have a place to meet and network, and form new beautiful and naturally far more healthy relationships." Yes, I imagine it's hard to find love over curried soy bean soup.
Natural-Friends - "is the best online dating service for environmentally-sensitive, country-loving, health-conscious single non-smokers aspiring to tread lightly on the earth." I won’t lie – I like the non smoking bit.
I even found an ‘ethical dating’ quiz. However, it was more to do with would you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend or make a pass at your doctor. Not really the kind of ethics we were meaning when we started this.
For now I think I will stick with The Gaurdian. My chances of finding someone not based in California seem higher that way. That, and I have already paid for 6 months.
However, we now move on to 2 other problems:
Firstly, what to wear for the date that is a) fair trade and b) makes me look vaguely attrative sexy, nice.
Secondly, what to do on the date that is a) ethical and b) funny, interesting, quirky but NOT weird. Never weird.
That will have to be solved another day as, ethically speaking, I feel I have already used up enough work time googling dating sites.

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  1. Loved this post! Questions for date - are peruvian birthing jumpers a dating no no??

    Keep blogging!