Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup, 100 mile diet and being annoying

The World Cup makes everyone happy. Even people who hate the World Cup seem to enjoy hating it - talking about which match they did not watch, which team they won’t be supporting, which work sweepstake they haven’t joined in. So really, it makes them happy too.

Despite not being a massive football fan, I love the World Cup and am very excited by it.

Being English, I will of course be cheering on England. I have South Africa in the sweepstake so they will get a little shout from me too. And for Renata’s sake I will discover some Brazilian heritage. However if you have no alliance to a team in the World Cup and want one to support, then World Development Movement have helpfully come up with a guide so you can support the most ethical team:

Now as it says ‘It is intended to be a fun and interesting way to think about serious issues. Please

take it in that spirit.’ So please do take it that way. Am not suggesting you throw out your England flag, wipe off your Spanish face paint or put down your South African Vuvuzella so the whole world can get behind Ghana. But it is worth having a read of. Oh and fans of the ABE craze please take note, England may be 27th but the USA is 31st..............! J

So teams decided, what to eat. This Saturday, as we watch the World Cup, Renata and I will be attempting to stick to the 100 mile diet. This means we will be eating food sourced within a 100 miles of London. It's not going to be easy. And the first few thoughts that pop into my head are ‘tea/coffee, chocolate, and wine (by which I mean nice wine. That you want to drink)’

For now though, we are having fun compiling a list of ‘questions to ask that will annoy the person you are watching the football with’

So far we have:

  1. What side do we have to kick the ball to?
  2. Am sorry, I still don’t get it, could you explain the offside rule for a 5th time?
  3. (Group stage only) So is Team X out if they lose this match?
  4. Oh we’re going to watch all of it? But I think E4 is live streaming from the Big Brother house with no sound?
  5. Doesn’t the goal keeper have nice legs?
  6. But surely, if he takes the penalty from there he will be offside?

Contributions welcome!


  1. I've never thought about wine in a 100 miles diet! I couldn't do it. How am I suppose to drink wine from JundiaĆ­? or Atibaia??? I'm sorry, it doesn't work for me! But, I can't wait for news about it!!


  2. Kathryn (ethikay)14 June 2010 at 11:03

    Hi Hydra

    thanks so much for commenting!!
    I agree, it is far too hard to keep up for any length of time. I really don't know how people do it long term. Chocolate and tea are my big sticking points. But it did make me think about why I am buying non local things for some products despite there being plenty of local choice? So I will definitely be attempting to buy local where I can.


  3. Thank you for linking to us! Hope you enjoy Who Should I Cheer For - we certainly had fun putting it together.

    -Pontus, WDM

  4. Kathryn (ethikay)30 June 2010 at 13:48

    Thanks Pontus - we thought it was brilliant. Great site and really clever idea!