Friday, 10 December 2010

Santa’s ethical stockings

You may have noticed it has been a while since we blogged. Ages, in fact. No good reason other than work being busy, life being busy, laptop being rubbish, excuses, excuses!
Anyway, inspiration has never left us, and a little bit of free time has arrived!
One frequent reason for moaning on this blog is the almost obsessive way in which the word ‘ethical’ seems to attach itself to ‘hippy’, or ‘mumsy’ or, let’s be honest, ‘big giant organic hemp sack’ that no one with any sense of style would wear.
Imagine our delight, then, when this little inspirational site tweeted its way over to us. Birds&Bees is full of pretty, sexy, fun and, most importantly, ethical underwear. It is all so nice. What I particularly like (other than the pink Fairly Dotty Chemise) is the "Ethically Fabulous Because..." box next to each product's description. It goes on to explain why that particular product earned the brand's ethical label.Take these ‘Pants to Poverty’ pants:

Pants to Poverty use fairtrade and organic cotton, and work proactively with thousands of farmers and factory workers in India.
So many companies seem to whack the term ethical on things without explaining how and why they are considered to be ethical. It is nice to see real transparency about the ethics behind the product.
As well as the lovely underwear, Birds&Bees sells a whole host of ethical products to sexy up your life. They even have the vegan condoms that Renata was talking about a while back. So, happy shopping and and happy blog reading. Now we are back in business, let us know if there is anything ethical you would like us to blog about.


  1. Yayyyyyyy! You're back!!!

    Really glad you're posting again.

    (And be jealous: I am a NATURAL with the mooncup. It popped out in a flash.)

  2. thank you!

    and how pleased am i see you using the mooncup??!! hurray!

  3. Really glad you're posting again.